Monday, June 13, 2011

Long While

It's been a long time since I updated.....

Slowly slowly, blogging is becoming an addiction ;D

It's nice to be able to just rant out one's thoughts and all that have happened. Also, the greatest thing about blog is that dear ones, who are far away are able to know what is happening with their relative :)

All in all, more than anything, LIFE IS TRULY INTERESTING... All the events and incidents that occur play a crucial role in shaping up our lives.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I walk down the lane, with nothing but music for company.

I look around and all that envelops me is loneliness.

At times like this, all I wish dearly is for someone to be there, walking by my side.

One with whom I can just share my thoughts for the moment.

One with whom I can just sit beside, lean my head and doze off / cry as I grumble my butt off.

With all those around me, its just painful that all the relations I have is just breaking by the moment. All the dreams and such that I had of things changing, all just disappeared in the air, without me even realising it..... I got made use of, as ever, also without realising it....

Its just painful with all that is happening, I look beside me, wanting someone to be there, one with whom I can share out all this thoughts but there isn't anyone there.

The worst thing about it all was that I actually thought of just running away and that was favourable to me and later, I was shocked at myself for thinking of just leaving it all.... What about those whom I leave behind....

Thankfully, despite it all, I have music for my company, music being what it is, is always there for me-something I can tune in to and just let it surround me as I block all other thoughts away....

Frankly speaking, I have no idea why I am feeling all these. Things are going smooth but it can be for the fact that the pain from ties being broken has never healed or it can be due to the confusion that has arised in me... Once again.

I have totally no freaking idea as to where my life is headed. I can no longer visualise what I would be doing in the future. The idea of being a HOUSEWIFE seems really really lucrative at the moment ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

To my babies

I wrote the below story and I just decided to share with my Babies, whom I am totally missing terribly!!!

For you guys, love you lots=D


Min and Hyun were inseparable. They were always together ever since young. They both came into this world, within months of each other. They were introduced to each other when both were infants. They went to the same playschool. They went to the same nursery. They went to the same primary and secondary school. Both were following in the footsteps of their fathers, who were friends themselves. Both aspired to be boxers, legendary ones like their fathers. They trained hard day and night together. They were together all the time, except when they were spending time with their family or when they were sleeping or when they visited the washroom at school. Apart from these moments, they were basically twins stuck together at the waist.

Life is never a smooth flowing river, there are bound to be waves, small ones along with large tidal waves that are capable of destroying the surrounding.

Just like that, a strong wave hit them hard. One match, both the friends found standing at opposite ends as both stood at the other corner supporting their fathers who were in the ring, facing each other for the very first time. It was a tough fight as both were of the same level, which made the fight more intense. After a grueling battle, the friends turned into enemies. As Min’s father stood on the ring with his arms in the air, basking in the glory of victory, Hyun’s dad got out of the ring and walked away, without even congratulating his friend. Hyun followed behind his dad, not bothering to congratulate neither his friend nor his uncle.

Just like how they walked out of the stadium, the family later packed up everything and moved out of town. Min, though broken and lost without his friend, understood their reasons for doing so. Especially with every newspaper reporting about his dad’s winning, he knew that it would be painful on Hyun’s family. The only thing he wished was that Hyun could at least have said Goodbye to him. However, that was not the case and now, Min found himself all alone all of a sudden. His best buddy, his close friend was gone and Min knew no way of getting in touch with him. He tried to call Hyun’s cellphone but was informed that the number was out of service. Min tried all means and ways of getting in touch with Hyun but was met with a wall at every corner. He wasn't allowed to mention Hyun's name at home. His father never spoke of his friend ever. Just like that, they became enemies, one whom Min couldn't talk about, miss or even think of anymore.....

Just like that, Life’s wave had hit him and washed away taking his close friend along with it……

Ten years passed. Life moved on for them. Now, both were married with kids. Both Min and Hyun worked hard. They were now the best boxers in their regions. They both often heard of the other but they never came across each other. However, the saying that the world is small is very true and just like that, both of them came face to face with each other. Standing opposite each other in the ring, both now found themselves in the exact same spot as to where their fathers were years before.

As they shook hands and looked at each other, the memories spent together with each other flashed by their mind and both thought the same thing: I missed you.... I missed you so badly.... I miss the times we spent together. I missed not having you around when I graduated. I miss not having you around when I got a new girlfriend / when I suffered my first heartbreak. I missed not having you as my Best Man during my marriage. I missed you Min/Hyun.

However, they did not say a word to each other, they merely spoke through their eyes. Instead, they prepared for their fight. Having seen the opponent, both were fight an internal battle with themselves. Their were confused on doing their best to win or to let the other win, so as to be able to mend back their relationship??

"What if I win, then he feels bad about it and decides to just walk away like the other time?"
"However, what if I lose and he thinks that I lost purposely and I just lost as a mean of charity to him?"

Still fighting the internal battle, both started their fight......

At the end of the fight, both walked out of the ring, still aching and hurting from the fight. As Min started heading towards his room, Hyun ran after him and pulled him in for a backhug. " I missed you, Min." He whispered as he stayed in the hugging position, ignoring the whispers and the gasps of the people around them. Min continued walking and Hyun carefully balanced himself as he stared at the figure walking away.

When Hyun walked out of the centre, his wife and child beside him, he was greeted by a small kid, almost the age of his son, staring and smiling at him. As Hyun reached the end of the stairs, the kid ran up to him and started tugging at the hem of his shirt.

"Who are you, Little Angel?" Hyun said as he carefully picked the child up into his arms. The child stared at him before planting a kiss on his right cheeks. Hyun was startled by this action but was still happy. The child then started wrangling his legs and Hyun placed the child on the ground. Once his little feets were on the ground, the child got up and ran away. Hyun looked at the direction whereby the child was headed.

He looked as the child ran to the end of the road and his face turned into that of shock. There, the child ran to the man standing beside a parked car. As the man picked the child up, Hyun kept staring at him. Soon, he found himself walking towards the man, his wife and child following behind him.

Breaking into a run, Hyun ran to the man, who had placed the child down and tackled him with a Hug.
"MIN!" Hyun cried as he hugged his friend tightly. A good 5 minutes passed before Hyun finally let go of Min. They both smiled at each other.

After the hug, both then proceeded to pick up the bits and pieces of their life which had been destroyed by the wave which hit them years ago. As they went back home, both of them started to make their life turn back to they way it was before.... They started by introducing their kids to each other, followed by wife before they drove back to one of their houses.

Those who are meant to be in our lives, always manage to come back, after exiting. When they come back, the bond is strengthened despite the absence of the other from a certain portion of our life.... The string which connects us, stretches as far as it can and at the end of it, it pulls back and we see each other again.....


I miss you guys!

Friday, May 20, 2011


When I should be awake, I want to sleep.
When I should be sleeping, I lie awake.

When it's time to work, I want to play.
There is hardly a time when I want to work.

I studied something and am now doing something else,
but that does not mean I hate my job.

I get nothing on some days,
I get nonstop work on the next.

I am excited about their arrival,
I fear their arrival and the headache it brings.

I am happy whenever I get a confirmation,
I am even happier when they leave and I have to do the accounts -_-

I had different expectations from life,
I got other things from what I expected.

I craved for love and comfort of family,
in the end, I was given enemies.

I want to move forward and continue doing something I love,
I have no idea on what I should take to move forward.

I crave for longing and the warmth of a hug,
I am greeted with loneliness all around me.

I seek a place to call my own,
I am treated like a stranger, which makes me wonder = Where is home?

I have started a hobby, writing out thoughts in stories,
I ended up being addicted to it.
I hate myself for being too addicted,
as the addiction has to come to an end one day.

I wanna learn something new =New Language/Sign Language/Instrument,
but I have no idea on what step to take to start........

Finally, I feel relieved after writing it all out =)

Monday, May 16, 2011